Board and Staff


Board of Directors

  • Dennis Sheley, Illinois Meter, Inc.
    Chairman of the Board
  • Jenks Hayes, Hayes Pipe Supply, Inc.
    Vice chairman and Chair of Nominating Committee
  • Peter Prescott, Everett J. Prescott, Inc.
    Chair of Vendor Committee
  • Curtis Porter, Utility Supply Company, Inc.
  • Dennis Johnson, Atlas Utility Supply Company
  • Dave Wickett, Dana Kepner Company, Inc.
  • Harold Fowler, H.D. Fowler Company, Inc.
  • Mike Coryn, Utility Equipment Company, Inc.
  • Darren Dixon, Mid American Water

TDG Staff

  • Rick Fairbanks
  • Karen Fairbanks
  • Dennis Hepworth
  • Colleen Letendre

Member Locations

TDG Member Directory

The Distribution Group

P.O. Box 150130

Ogden, UT 84415

con_tel Phone: 801.475.4000
con_fax Fax: 801.475.0100
emailButton Email: rick@tdg.coop