A Note from the chairman

As chair of the board of directors for The Distribution Group (TDG), I am very proud to represent this growing water works organization. While many of our competitors are being acquired by large, multinational firms, TDG remains viable, vibrant, and enduring. We are drawn together by our common belief in the worth and importance of privately owned, independent distributors to the well-being of the water works industry.

All member companies are owners of TDG. We have worked very hard to make decisions together—decisions that are ultimately beneficial to all, regardless of individual company size, market place or location. Our mutually beneficial relationship with each other, as shareholders and with our Vendor Partners is paramount to our continued success. would like to thank all of our Vendor Partners and shareholders for the contribution you make to TDG and for the support you give this endeavor. I look forward to our continued opportunities and growth.

Dennis Sheley
Chairman of the Board

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